September 2, 2010

Drum Roll Please!!!!!!!!!!

I literally printed all seven comments, cut them up, and placed them in a HAT! Yes, a hat! Then picked two names from the hat....... Suspense builds!  The winners of $25 Gift Certificates are:

Tracey Sevigny and Florence Germono! Congratulations ladies! Pick stuff from the website and I will deliver them to you at your chosen place and time!

For Everyone Else that don't know me?  My friends favorite adjective for me is ALTRUISTIC!  I do lots of giveaways so check often and check the store often for great deals!


  1. Janet-
    I'm so happy to see your website going. I may be getting a couple for the holidays this year...the one you made for Anne Marie was so beautiful- now I just need to finish it! Miss you lots and continuing to say prayers for the continued success of this new business- I know God is with you!